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Order QUARTERLY Crown Philanthropist

Order QUARTERLY Crown Philanthropist

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Your optional $100 QUARTERLY Crown Philanthropist affiliate program donation IMMEDIATELY provides YOU with your Rank Status for your DAILY 40% Accelerated Pay Plan Commissions and 80% of the after commission proceeds of your donation will go to visit your sick and imprisoned and feed your poor Filipino children, single mothers, widows, orphans, your disabled and your elderly as described and demonstrated by clicking this playlist video! As a QUARTERLY Crown Philanthropist YOU WILL ALSO GET your ENTIRE GINORMOUS Con$tantCa$hCollection MLM genealogy leads list portfolio known as your Mother Of All Deeply Discounted Package (sold separately for $1000 and THAT is a deeply discounted price itself), your PHI Founder John Carson Lester Jr's PERSONAL LEADS PORTFOLIO, your largest such collection IN YOUR WORLD, along with your copy of your MLM Screen Pass eBook AND your 5 Hours 50 Minutes Pied Piper Principles MP3 audio training all received by YOU via INSTANT DOWNLOAD via your web browser AND your email the INSTANT you complete your order! PLUS! Immediately upon placing your donation transaction, you will not only receive your official Shopify order receipt emailed to you, but you will also simultaneously receive your official Pure Hearts International "Thank You!" email emailed to you with your official Pure Hearts International Charitable Donation Receipt PDF attached for tax purposes.